Brain Surgeons & Rocket Scientists is my letterpress greeting card and poster company. I write, design, and print letterpress "cards and stuff for the rest of us." They're sold on etsy, Urban Outfitters, and in card shops across the country and the seas. Coming to your favorite stationery store soon. (Seriously, ping me with the name of your favorite card shop so I can write to them.)      //    Instagram @BSandRS

One of my cards had the great honor of being on a list of Sophisticated Gifts for Douchebags on Buzzfeed (Happy BD, DB.) and another one (Happy Whatever!) got some love on Zoey Deschanel's A few of my favorites are below, more are on my etsy

Press:   HelloGiggles   //    Buzzfeed     //    Thrillist   //   Chicago Magazine

BS&RS Press Highlights