Website Copywriting

As a freelancer, I often help companies develop their brand voice and write or re-write the copy for their websites. I have done this both directly with companies and as a partner with digital design agencies. I've done it for real companies, as well as not-yet-real companies when working on innovation projects.

Kleinschmidt Inc.

Kleinschmidt Inc. is a data translation company that was founded in 1893, and is based in Deerfield, Illinois. I worked on their new website with the digital design shop One Design Company, creating a Brand Voice Guide and writing the copy for the site. (Click to scroll through the gallery. )


Skyline Furniture

Skyline Furniture Manufacturing is a family-owned custom furniture manufacturer based in Chicago. They're warm, inviting, and stylish, and I wrote the copy for their site.


Meeting Tomorrow

Meeting Tomorrow is the Netflix for meeting equipment. Based in Chicago, they rent, ship, set up and service professional digital presentation equipment of all kinds. I wrote the copy for their website.


Tallwater Jeans

Tallwater Jeans was a denim company that made jeans designed specifically for the proportions of tall women. Sadly, Tallwater doesn't exist anymore, but I had a great time helping its founders, Lynn and Kate (twins, 6'2" and 6'3") launch their brand by writing their website and a few other bits and bobs including a Kickstarter script. TallWater's Facebook Page is here.