Deep down, I'm a strategist. Creative Direction is Brand Strategy. Writing is thinking. And the best ideas come from big truths. As a freelancer, I often help out with brand strategy, content strategy and brand voice development. That can mean anything from a brand or design thinking workshop, to helping design research, to synthesis of that research, to competitor and site audits, to creating opportunity frameworks, to working on sitemaps and wireframes with a UX designer, to writing brand strategy decks, to creating voice and tone guides. The work is usually proprietary and confidential, so I can't share it on my site. But I'm a writer who's into design thinking who can straddle a bit and help with brand and content strategy. 



I took a design thinking research class called Insights for Innovation through Ideo U. Click here or on the picture below to see how I worked through primary research with observation, interviews, and empathy immersion, and then crafted actionable insight statements to spark innovations to improve commuter transit in Chicago. 



The story of the strategic thought process that got me to the big creative idea for each of these campaigns. Click on the images below.